We started this company with the illusion of being recognized as one of the departments with a high level of rank in LED repairs, until today, we have met the expectations of large companies in the entertainment industry in the

United States

We also have been recognized in the industry by LED manufacturers in China as one of the best repair departments in the United States, which has been an achievement for us.

Meanwhile, we continue to implement new techniques that not only make our customers satisfied, but the durability and quality of repair are impeccable, since one of our priorities is to work delicately with each product that

arrives in our laboratory.

We have a fully trained team, since one of our requirements to work in this company is to evaluate the technician with experience in electronics, then, they receive training from one of our leading engineers to repair any type of LED's from very fine to very large pixel pitch.

Without a doubt, we have remained with a very reserved profile but with the confidence that we can be the best choice to take care of your

pixel repair needs.

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The LED Surgeon is back...
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